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No More.

It's 2016 and I'm saying good bye to acid reflux. I've been scoped and my vocal chords are fine but I just feel so much discomfort and it takes me too long to warm up. I didn't realize how bad things had gotten until my medicine no longer worked. I was taking 2 omeprazole pills a day and still was having severe heartburn symptoms. I was tired of being uncomfortable so I decided to see what could be done. After some online research I realized first that I am not alone and many people suffer from constant heartburn and many of my "healthy"diet choices were actually exacerbating my reflux issues. I thought I ate pretty healthily already. I was wrong. So, I went down to eating almost nothing to figure out what my specific triggers were. I got an acid reflux cookbook and made serious lifestyle changes- the biggest being not eating before bed (which i've loved) and drastically reducing the amount of food I eat/drink at one time. I don;t eat as much meat as I used to either. People say eating this way actually gives you more energy. I have yet to see those results, but I can tell you that I have lost weight and my constant heartburn has gone down to only right after I eat. And I have stopped all my meds!! I'm only a month in so we'll se how things go once I continue. I am hoping to be symptom free by the summer.

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