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I love to fly...

I love to fly...and that feeling lasts usually for about two seconds. The rest of my time spent at the airport and in the air I am stifling back the urge to scream!

I forget that there are still people today who have never flown (my roommate for example). I have been lucky enough to travel for work and vacays. And honestly thank god for planes as a way to cover great distances quickly, but c'mon, airports suck. I really hate the whole process of flying- Sometimes I would just rather drive. Everything about air travel makes me feel claustrophobic. As an air-traveler, I am in control of NOTHING. What doesn't make the cut when my 75lb. bag has to weigh in under 50lbs. at the tickets counter? I have thrown away 7lbs. of underwear before. In those times I am unwilling to part with the "essentials" I cough up the baggage surcharge which only compounds my anxiety hoping that bag makes it to my destination. Once I am on the plane I am usually uncomfortable from start to finish. First there is the dry recycled airplane air pushing around everyone’s gasses, then the sardine style seating, which doesn't allow me any foot room once I stow my carry-on, topped off by the lack of refreshment or activity. All these things converge to make me feel trapped for the duration of the flight. I cannot relax until Ive landed in my bag is in my hand.

Now with all that said- I love actually being in the air! I love taking off and watching cars turn to the size of ants. I love the views from the plane window. The skies are always so majestic and I feel so inspired when I gaze upon the clouds. Im reminded to take stock in my blessings and breathe. This is todays view as I head to Syracuse to do a show:

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